Daily Deal: A Super-Chic Camera


A true CheapChica knows that when it comes to looking chic, it takes more than just a great outfit. As we like to say, the devil is in the details:  accessories count, beauty counts, and your camera counts.

No matter how great you might look in person you’ll be remembered by the way you come across in a photograph, especially in today’s Instagram-obsessed world.CheapChicas-Daily Deal-Lomography Diana Camera

One way to assure that you’ll always look your best in those fateful photos is to invest in a worthy camera. In this, we’re recommending Lomography.

Lomography makes small, handheld cameras with much more interesting results than your regular point and shoot. Imagine a camera that would produce high-quality photos with vivid colors and filter-like effects, sans the actual filter. That’s Lomography.

Until August 19th, Lomography is offering big discounts on some of their signature cameras. We’d recommend the best-selling Diana F+. Aside from the fact that you’ll get stellar photos from this darling little camera, it’s also now on sale from it’s regular price of $89 down to $57.85.

A quality camera for under $60? Put down your phone, CheapChicas. The Diana F+ is about to make your day and your outfit.